Evan Ringuette

I'm a self-taught artist from Michigan. I use traditional materials to create my work and while most of my art has a certain feel, I try to go outside of my comfort zone sometimes. This gives my art some variety and is a good way to improve my skill level. Sticking to one style might be good for branding and recognition but that is not my goal right now. For me, art is a way to explore my thoughts, meditation and to find purpose in creating something. I started Midian Gallery to display my art and I hope you enjoy looking around. 

Projects and Accomplishments

I was an art instructor at Painting with a Twist in Ann Arbor for 6 years. Today I continue to do custom art work, sell my art and have local art shows. Last year I custom painted military statues that are now on display at the Veterans Memorial in Clinton, Michigan. You can find my art for sale at Paper Street Soap in Tecumseh and Anna's Adult Novelties in Adrian. I also have art shows/art fairs from time to time so follow @MidianGallery on instagram to keep up with my latest work and events.

Creative Process and Inspiration

I get a lot of inspiration from nature and dreams. Sometimes I use hypnogogic meditation to get ideas for my art, hypnogogia is the state between sleep and being awake where you can still dream and with practice can remember what they were. This also helps creativity overall. I like drawing and painting people, especially women. I use a combination of references and my imagination to create the people in my artwork.


I admire the beauty of skilled painters like the old masters and get pretty disgusted by the random paint splatter of modern art. I disagree with the saying "anything can be art". It may sound innocent but it's nothing besides subversion and corruption. Pay attention to the ones who try to lower our quality of art, music, and architecture. They are trying to destroy our civilization.

When I'm making art I try my best to portray beauty or something interesting to look at, demonstrate my highest level of skill and exercise creativity. 

Evan Ringuette